Saba & Associates Collections Services

* Medical * Retail * Returned Checks * Judgements * Promissory Notes * Commercial Accounts * HOA's
* Home Owner Association Dues * Contractors

Licensed & Bonded

Members of the American Collectors Association/Washington Collectors Association/Equifax Credit Reporting Bureau/Community Association Institute.

Our collectors are available to contact your debtors during day, evening, and weekend hours. We will develop financial profiles on your debtors to determine the quickest way to get your money. Our collectors are trained to locate debtors and their assets to determine the appropriate method of payment on the debt owed to you. Some accounts may only require our collection letter, while others may require litigation. Call our debt collection agency today and learn about our competitive rates and how we can help you increase your bottom line.

Collection services we provide include:

  • Business / banking collections
  • Commercial debt collection
  • Medical debt collection
  • Retail
  • Returned checks
  • Judgments
  • Promissory notes
  • HOA's
  • Construction delinquencies

If you have a question about any type of debt collection, give us a call. We know you'll be excited about our services, and most important, the money we collect for you!

How do you know your accounts are getting our full attention? It's simple; we don't get paid unless YOU get paid.

The moment you place an account with our collection agency we start working! Accounts are acknowledged on the day of receipt and action is commenced immediately. Initially, your claim is searched through our propriety "Debtor Scan" to match records or previous collection activity. Our collection software is state of the art.

We will help you increase your profits.

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